Renée Le Cussan

Statt Consulting

Renee Le Cussan is a migration and communications expert, with postgraduate qualifications and over 15 years’ experience. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Renee has spent almost all of her professional life living and working across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and the Pacific.

Renee le Cussan completed all of her formal studies in Australia, being awarded a Bachelor of Commerce in Political Economy and International Relations from the University of Sydney, a Masters in International Social Development (Refugees and Forced Migration) from the University of New South Wales, and a Diploma of Social Media Marketing from the University of Technology Sydney. In addition, Renee has completed numerous short courses, including a course in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of London, and over 20 courses through the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

Having established a strong volunteer background during her studies — including volunteering for Australians Caring for Refugees, the Parliament of NSW, UNHCR in Switzerland and as a boarding school teacher in Nepal — Renee then worked for the World Health Organisation in Ghana, West Africa, implementing community outreach programs.

During three years with the Australian Department of Defence, Renee worked as political and security analyst, focusing on peacekeeping operations. Renee also took a six month deployment to Baghdad, Iraq. Renee later moved to Islamabad, Pakistan to join the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, working on opiate trade analysis and social impact reporting. At the UNODC HQ in Vienna, Austria, Renee assisted in the research and writing of the UNODC World Drug Report and the Global Afghan Opium Trade Threat Assessment.

In 2010, Statt Consulting was founded, with an international development, migration and security consulting focus. Professionally, Renee specialises in multicultural communications, social research and analysis, particularly through the lens of international migration and forced migration. For over 10 years, Statt Consulting has been a trusted partner of Governments, the United Nations, NGOs, Corporates and communities across the globe. Renee currently splits her time between Singapore, Australia and Sri Lanka, with significant international travel to project areas.

Statt Consulting is a migration and development advisory firm specialising in bridging the gap between source and destination communities